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Would you like to start a MushRocks adventure with your favorite song playing? Then get ready to experience the music to its fullest! Both novice psychonauts and seasoned users can benefit from the medium-strong magical truffles. Melomans love mushrocks because of their distinct sound connection and stronger visual appeal. They are the ultimate truffles!

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MushRocks Magic Truffles

The most enchanted truffles on Earth are MushRocks Magic Truffles. MushRocks are renowned for their condensed yet substantial experiences, which can result in a profound understanding of oneself. Mushrocks are a medium-strength psilocybin source that can help you connect with your favorite song and go deeper within yourself! Before you embark on this insane trip known as life on magic truffles, fasten your seatbelt. Though not as potent as Psilocybe Atlantis or Mexican truffles, mushrocks are nonetheless fairly accessible to novice users. One could characterize this specific stone as a “power player” with a strong affinity for sound and music. An excellent option for anyone who wish to have a profoundly meaningful journey that lasts late into the morning. Savor the journey across the galaxy!

It is advised for psychonauts looking to enhance their experience with deeper visuals and higher music perception to try these psychedelic magic truffles. Mushrocks, which contain the Psilocybe Galindoi magic truffle strain variation, are packaged in 15/20 gram packs. This medium-strength truffle lets you experience a wide range of bizarre emotions. Check out the Dragon’s Dynamite or High Hawaiians if none of this sounds intense enough for you.

How to Use Magic Truffles?

We have some advice that will help you enjoy the experience and protect your safety if you are new to magic psilocybe truffles. It’s best to start with a dose of fewer than 10 grams of mushrooms and wait for at least an hour before taking more to avoid ingesting too much and still feeling the affects of the first dosage. It’s crucial for each person to evaluate their own boundaries when deciding on safe dosages because every person’s body is different. Additionally, bear in mind other aspects like time since previous trip or tolerance levels that may determine how many doses can be properly eaten.

Microdose (effect threshold): 1-3 grams

Minmal trip dosing: 5-10 grams

Normal average trip dosing: 12-17 grams

Strong trip dosing: 20-25 grams

Hero trip (ultrastrong) dosing: 25-30 grams

Important! Make sure you haven’t had anything to eat for at least 2-4 hours before your magic truffle trip (can be even longer). Furthermore, any sugar-rich, high in calories drink, or hard food will diminish (or significantly lower) magic truffle psychoactive effects.

What’s inside?

Fresh magic truffles (not dried!).

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15 Grams, 20 Grams

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