High Hawaiians

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Buyer beware—there is no doubting the potency of the High Hawaiian truffles. These powerfully psychedelic magic truffles are not for the faint of heart! If Albert Hoffman had some of these Psilocybe Tampelandia sclerotia lying around, he would be applauding for their strength, which can linger for up to eight hours!

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High Hawaiians Magic Truffles

Magic lovers, take note: these magical truffles will have you glued to your seat, taking in every breathtaking detail of this incredible journey. Savor every second of it, as there won’t be another morning on Earth as powerful as the one after staring into infinity! Enjoy a high while supplies last with High Hawaiians!

High Hawaiians is the magic truffle of choice if you want to take a deep dive inside your own psyche. They are more potent than the dynamite of Dragon! You will be in a total trance during intense visual hallucinations, feeling wave after wave of ecstasy and realizing that we do, in fact, live inside our thoughts.

Picture a world in which everything you know and hold dear has been completely upended. Where sound waves become rainbows and dance around your feet as they cascade through an open sky like feathers from magical wings of flying fairy tale creatures, where the colors are more vibrant than they have ever been. Thoughts may fly through your head quicker than lightning bolts emerging from storm clouds—High Hawaiians are the best at this skill!

Is this sounding a little too dramatic? Instead, you may try Mexicana or Atlantis. They’re excellent for newcomers.

How to Use Magic Truffles?

We have some advice that will help you enjoy the experience and protect your safety if you are new to magic psilocybe truffles. It’s best to start with a dose of fewer than 10 grams of mushrooms and wait for at least an hour before taking more to avoid ingesting too much and still feeling the affects of the first dosage. It’s crucial for each person to evaluate their own boundaries when deciding on safe dosages because every person’s body is different. Additionally, bear in mind other aspects like time since previous trip or tolerance levels that may determine how many doses can be properly eaten.

Microdose (effect threshold): 1-3 grams

Minmal trip dosing: 5-10 grams

Normal average trip dosing: 12-17 grams

Strong trip dosing: 20-25 grams

Hero trip (ultrastrong) dosing: 25-30 grams

Important! Make sure you haven’t had anything to eat for at least 2-4 hours before your magic truffle trip (can be even longer). Furthermore, any sugar-rich, high in calories drink, or hard food will diminish (or significantly lower) magic truffle psychoactive effects.

What’s inside?

Fresh magic truffles (not dried!).

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25 Grams

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  1. John

    Fast shipping, excellent product(micro dosing truffles).It’s early days still, but I have noticed a heightened difference in my mood, personality and my outlook overall. I would highly recommend this company and their products.:)

  2. Shawn

    Very easy shopping experience and great selection of products. Delivery was quick and hasdlw free with discreet option. Highly recommended, as is visiting the shop in person in Texas.

  3. Mos

    Great service and staff.

  4. Francis

    I wasn’t very satis

  5. Lu

    Excellent service and great support, fast shipping

  6. Dina

    Prima service en een uitmuntend resultaat!

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