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Solventless, Water Soluble Extract Powder. Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocin, 4-ACO DMT, Amanita Muscaria, Cannabinoids & Research Chemicals.

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  • 0.125 Gram – Micro Dose
  • 0.25 Gram – Regular Dose
  • 0.50 Gram – Medium Dose
  • 0.75 Gram – Macro Dose
  • 1.00 Gram – Hero Dose

**Extract Concentration Is Nearly 5X Potency Of Regular Mushrooms, So 1 Gram Extract Is Like Consuming 5 Grams Of Caps & Stems.**

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About Our Golden Teachers

Amanita Shroom Due to their remarkable effects and distinctive qualities, Golden Teacher magic mushrooms from the USA have gained a significant following among psychedelic enthusiasts. The distinctively shaped caps of these visually stunning mushrooms, which frequently resemble bells or conical hats, are golden or yellowish in color. Their graceful appearance is completed by the thin stems.

Exploring The Popularity Of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

One Of The Most Appealing Aspects Of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Is Their Reputation For Providing Profound And Enlightening Experiences. With A Moderate To High Psilocybin Content, These Mushrooms Are Recognized For Inducing Introspection, Heightened Creativity, And Spiritual Insights. Many Users Report A Sense Of Clarity, Interconnectedness, And An Expansion Of Consciousness While Under The Influence Of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms.

Golden Teachers For Beginners

Notably, Golden Teacher Mushrooms Are Often Recommended For Beginners Due To Their Well-Rounded And Gentle Psychedelic Effects. Their Potency Strikes A Balance Between Intensity And Manageability, Making Them An Ideal Choice For Those Embarking On Their First Psychedelic Journey. Novices Can Explore The Depths Of Their Consciousness And Gain Valuable Insights Without Feeling Overwhelmed By Intense Visual Hallucinations Or Sensory Overload.

What Makes Psilo Mart’s Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Different?

First Things First, Everything Sold On Is 100% Legal & Lab Tested To Ensure It’s Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocin, 4-ACO DMT, Amanita Muscaria, Cannabinoids & Research Chemicals! Yes, That Includes The Creative Golden Teachers Along With All Other Psilocybe Cubensis Featured On This Online Shroom Smart Shop As Well As Our Magic Mushroom Gummies & Micro Dose Mushroom Capsules To Name A Few. You May Wonder How Is This Possible? Well, After Years Of Cultivating Fungi Species & Manipulating Their Genetic Makeup, We Have Successfully Bred A “Non-Detect” Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Free Of Psilocybin & Psilocin. Best Of All, Amanita Shroom USA’s Golden Teacher Mushrooms Have Heightened Levels Of Other Naturally Occuring Alkaloids That Are Actually Responsible For Producing The Intense, Immersive Psychedelic Experience That Both Medical & Recreational Magic Mushroom Users Seek Out. Are You A Business Looking To Resell These Magic Mushroom Products? Click Here For Wholesale.

Introspection & Creativity Must Be Approached With Caution & Respect.

Experiences with psychedelics can be unpredictable and differ from person to person. It’s Important To Start A Mushroom Journey In A Secure And Comfortable Setting, Possibly With People You Can Trust. Golden Teacher Mushrooms Have Promising Potential In Therapeutic Settings Aside From Their Recreational Appeal. Studies Point To The Potential Benefits Of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy For The Treatment Of Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People can overcome emotional barriers, develop positive changes in their lives, and get new perspectives thanks to the profound and transformative experiences facilitated by these mushrooms.

In Conclusion – Golden Teachers Give Beginners & Novice Users Profound Psychedelic Effects.

Like With Any Psychedelic Substance, Careful Use, Appropriate Configuration & Setting, & Extensive Research Are Crucial. The majority of the labor-intensive work to bring safe and legal magic mushroom products to market has been completed by the Amanita Shroom USA team. Therefore, The Journey With Golden Teacher Mushrooms Holds The Promise Of An Introspective & Awe-Inspiring Adventure Into The Depths Of The Mind and Spirit, Whether You Are An Experienced Psychonaut Or A Curious Explorer.

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