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We are always trying to increase the number of retailers on our list. To establish a wholesale account if you are a brick and mortar retailer interested in carrying our items, please get in touch with us.

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Discover Polkadot’s exquisitely crafted mushroom chocolate bars and gummies. Elevate your taste buds with Polkadot Chocolate Bars today!! Our passion for whimsical designs, exceptional flavors, and quality ingredients make our treats a magical experience for chocolate and candy lovers everywhere. polkadot mushroom chocolate bars | polkadot chocolate bars

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We sell high quality Amanita Muscaria mushrooms collected in beautiful Lithuanian forests. WHY TO BUY AMANITA MUSCARIA HERE? Buy amanita muscaria mushroom caps, powder & creams. Best Quality | Fast & Free Delivery Worldwide | Amanita Muscaria for sale.  We are professional mushroom pickers and we proudly present the Amanita Shroom USA. amanita muscaria | amanita muscaria gummies | amanita muscaria mushrooms

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