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The Magic Truffles in Atlantis are a fantastic experience. They are ideal for people seeking a mild psychedelic experience that will enhance their creative perspective on the world, without causing weird or uncomfortable feelings. We suggest these if you’ve never eaten a magic truffle but still desire one!

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Psilocybe Atlantis Magic Truffles

It is common knowledge that eating Atlantis Magic Truffles might result in psychonautic hallucinations. These truffles are similar to mushrooms in their potency but not quite as strong; you can still stay in control of your high while experiencing a strong psychedelic sensory experience. First in our lower medium dosage psilocybin truffle line, Atlantis Magic Truffles are ideal for novices wishing to experience a mild to moderate psychedelic trip that is sure to please everyone! Comparing these gems to the Dragon’s Dynamite and Musselrock truffles, they are a tad less potent.

Because Atlantis Magic Truffles are comparatively mildly psychoactive, both new and seasoned psychonauts adore them. We also provide equally exciting options for those seeking something more intense. They also make the ideal truffle for a beginner’s beginning! Take a look at the powerful images combined with a cozy sense within. Despite their medium-low potency, these magic truffles are ideal if you’re new to magic or want a more laid-back experience. Your creative energy will become more clearly focused thanks to the striking colors and sensory experiences.

The people that grow Atlantis Magic Truffles are enthusiasts for mushrooms and expert psychonauts. They are made up of Psilocybe Atlantis strain magic truffles, which are known for their lower-to-medium potency and milder effects. As such, they are ideal for novice users who wish to stay in control while still enjoying an incredible experience! Compared to other well-known starter truffles like Psilocybe Mexicana and Tampanensis, these are stronger. These truffles can be the perfect choice if you’re anxious and don’t know much about psychedelics or are new to this field. The healthy and secure method of experiencing your first psychedelic encounter is with Atlantis Magic Truffles. We adore magic truffles so much because these truffles are moderate enough for novice psychonauts while still producing a wide range of colors, sounds, and visuals! By the way, there are 20 grams in this pack, so if you take them all… Irrespective of the medium strength rating, they will undoubtedly kick hard and quickly!

How to Use Magic Truffles?

We have some advice that will help you enjoy the experience and protect your safety if you are new to magic psilocybe truffles. It’s best to start with a dose of fewer than 10 grams of mushrooms and wait for at least an hour before taking more to avoid ingesting too much and still feeling the affects of the first dosage. It’s crucial for each person to evaluate their own boundaries when deciding on safe dosages because every person’s body is different. Additionally, bear in mind other aspects like time since previous trip or tolerance levels that may determine how many doses can be properly eaten.

Microdose (effect threshold): 1-3 grams

Minmal trip dosing: 5-10 grams

Normal average trip dosing: 12-17 grams

Strong trip dosing: 20-25 grams

Hero trip (ultrastrong) dosing: 25-30 grams

Important! Make sure you haven’t had anything to eat for at least 2-4 hours before your magic truffle trip (can be even longer). Furthermore, any sugar-rich, high in calories drink, or hard food will diminish (or significantly lower) magic truffle psychoactive effects.

What’s inside?

Fresh magic truffles (not dried!).

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