Tampanensis Truffles

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Philosopher’s Stones are the least potent magic truffles on our list, yet they still have a strong effect that shouldn’t be ignored. Because of its spiritual properties, tampanensis has proven to be one of the most fascinating magic truffles to study and investigate. Tampanensis for personal use can help you become more in tune with yourself! Order now.

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Tampanensis Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles from Tampanensis are your one-way ticket to an amazing excursion into the world of psychedelics. With the help of this mind-blowing experience, you will be wisely guided through magical realms and, before you know it, you will fly for more than an hour to discover interesting new locations within yourself. What is not observable or perceptible in three dimensions? Native American myths and legends told these tales, which were passed down from generation to generation until we told them to ourselves to comprehend the incomprehensible. These, along with Mexicana and Atlantis magic truffles, are renowned for being excellent products for novice users.

Are you prepared to go out on a magical adventure? Prepare yourself for a shrewd hand will lead you into captivating imaginary worlds. Discover the deep insights and timeless truths that are present in every human heart. Accept this enduring legacy of age-old wisdom and descend into a profound state of tranquility. At your core, discover who you are by becoming one with yourself. Explore your inner self and have faith in what you find there. In less than three or four hours, embark on a solo journey across the globe! Philosophers stones are an excellent way to introduce people to psychedelic culture for novices or those seeking more tranquil trips, yet if this is your first experience, they may not seem like quite enough potency. But trust us, they’re inclusive enough to accommodate the majority of people who require some self-reflective life adjustments!

How to Use Magic Truffles?

We have some advice that will help you enjoy the experience and protect your safety if you are new to magic psilocybe truffles. It’s best to start with a dose of fewer than 10 grams of mushrooms and wait for at least an hour before taking more to avoid ingesting too much and still feeling the affects of the first dosage. It’s crucial for each person to evaluate their own boundaries when deciding on safe dosages because every person’s body is different. Additionally, bear in mind other aspects like time since previous trip or tolerance levels that may determine how many doses can be properly eaten.

Microdose (effect threshold): 1-3 grams

Minmal trip dosing: 5-10 grams

Normal average trip dosing: 12-17 grams

Strong trip dosing: 20-25 grams

Hero trip (ultrastrong) dosing: 25-30 grams

Important! Make sure you haven’t had anything to eat for at least 2-4 hours before your magic truffle trip (can be even longer). Furthermore, any sugar-rich, high in calories drink, or hard food will diminish (or significantly lower) magic truffle psychoactive effects.

What’s inside?

Fresh magic truffles (not dried!).

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