Penis Envy Mushrooms

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Solventless, Water Soluble Extract Powder. Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocin, Amanita Muscaria, 4-ACO DMT, Cannabinoids & Research Chemicals!

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  • 0.125 Gram – Micro Dose
  • 0.25 Gram – Regular Dose
  • 0.50 Gram – Medium Dose
  • 0.75 Gram – Macro Dose
  • 1.00 Gram – Hero Dose

**Extract Concentration Is Nearly 5X Potency Of Regular Mushrooms, So 1 Gram Extract Is Like Consuming 5 Grams Of Caps & Stems.**

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About Our Penis Envy Mushrooms

Amanita Shroom USA For those looking for a remarkable psychedelic experience, penis envy mushrooms have a unique appeal. The Psilocybin Cubensis Mushroom Penis Envy Is Known Scientifically For Its Distinctive Features & Eye-Catching Appearance. Both seasoned psychonauts and curious newcomers have been captivated by this magic mushroom.

Introducing The Enthralling World Of Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms: Named for Their Unmistakable Similarity To A Male Reproductive Organ, These Mushrooms Have Thicker, Bulbous Stems & A Smaller Cap When Compared To Other Psilocybe Cubensis Strains Like Golden Teacher, Mazatapec, Burma, & Alcabenzi. Penis Envy Mushrooms are instantly recognizable due to their unique shape and color, which has added to their legendary reputation.

Revealing the Mysteries of Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms: Known for Their High Psilocybin Content, These Mushrooms Are Known for More Than Just Their Outward Look. The Deep Effects These Mushrooms Induce Are Caused By Psilocybin, A Naturally Occurring Psychedelic Compound. Psilocin, Which Psilocybin Converts Into When It Is Consumed, Interacts With Serotonin Receptors In The Brain To Produce Changes In Perceptions, Enhanced Emotions, And A Strong Bond With The Inner Self. A strong sense of spirituality, increased creativity, and vivid visual hallucinations are reported by many penis envy mushroom users.

What Sets Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Apart at Amanita Shroom USA?

To start, all products sold on are 100% legal and have undergone laboratory testing to guarantee they are free of psilocybin, psilocin, 4-ACO DMT, amanita muscaria, cannabinoids, and research chemicals! Yes, that includes, to mention a few, our magic mushroom gummies and micro dose mushroom capsules, as well as every other psilocybe cubanensis shown on this online mushroom smart shop. Maybe you’re wondering how this is possible. The good news is that we have successfully bred a “non-Detect” penis envy psilocybe cubansis mushroom free of psilocybin and psilocin after years of cultivating fungi species and modifying their genetic makeup. Best Of All, The Intense, Immersive Psychedelic Experience That Both Medical & Recreational Magic Mushroom Users Seek Out Is Actually Produced By Heightened Levels Of Other Naturally Occurring Alkaloids Found In Amanita Shroom USA’s Penis Envy Mushrooms. Do You Own A Company And Want To Resell These Products Made From Magic Mushrooms?

A Profound Journey Of Mind & Spirit Must Be Approached With Caution & Respect.

Experiences with psychedelics can be unpredictable and differ from person to person. It’s Important To Start A Mushroom Journey In A Secure And Comfortable Setting, Possibly With People You Can Trust. Penis Envy Mushrooms Have Promising Potential In Therapeutic Settings, Despite Their Attractiveness For Recreation. Studies Point To The Potential Benefits Of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy For The Treatment Of Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People can overcome emotional barriers, develop positive changes in their lives, and get new perspectives thanks to the profound and transformative experiences facilitated by these mushrooms.

In Conclusion – Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Captivate The Imagination With Their Distinct Appearance & Potent Psychedelic Effects.

Like With Any Psychedelic Substance, Careful Use, Appropriate Configuration & Setting, & Extensive Research Are Crucial. The majority of the labor-intensive work to bring safe and legal magic mushroom products to market has been completed by the Amanita Shroom USA team. Therefore, The Journey With Penis Envy Mushrooms Holds The Promise Of A Transformative & Awe-Inspiring Adventure Into The Depths Of The Mind and Spirit, Whether You Are An Experienced Psychonaut Or A Curious Explorer.


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    I made two distinct purchases three months apart of Pink Paradise truffles. The first batch was good, the second one had no psylo in it at all. Amanita Shroom USA never reacted to my complaint.

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      We appreciate our customers feedback and always use this to improve our quality of service. We just checked your order and we can’t find any contact moments on: email, chat or telephone. Is there anything we can help you with? Based on your 2-star review you seem to have a problem? Please contact us.

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    I’d appreciate to have some instructions on doses of cultivated magic shrooms

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