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Solventless, Water Soluble Extract Powder. Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocin, 4-ACO DMT, Amanita Muscaria, Cannabinoids & Research Chemicals.

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  • 0.125 Gram – Micro Dose
  • 0.25 Gram – Regular Dose
  • 0.50 Gram – Medium Dose
  • 0.75 Gram – Macro Dose
  • 1.00 Gram – Hero Dose

**Extract Concentration Is Nearly 5X Potency Of Regular Mushrooms, So 1 Gram Extract Is Like Consuming 5 Grams Of Caps & Stems.**

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About Our Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms

Amanita Shroom USA’s Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Are For The Adventurous Soul Seeking A Transcendent Experience. With A Similar Mexico Origin As Alcabenzi Cubensis, Mazatapec Is From The Mazatec Region With A Rich Cultural History Rooted In Its Indigenous People. For Centuries, Mazatapec Mushrooms Have Been Revered For Their Potent Mystical Properties And Used In Traditional Spiritual Ceremonies.

Unveiling The Mystique Of Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms

One Of The Most Remarkable Aspects Of Mazatapec Mushrooms Is Their Unique Visual Appearance. With Their Slender Stems And Caramel-Colored Caps, They Stand Out In The Mushroom Kingdom. Their Allure Lies Not Only In Their Aesthetic Appeal But Also In The Transformative Effects They Induce. When Consumed, Mazatapec Mushrooms Open The Doors Of Perception, Leading You Into A Realm Of Heightened Sensory Experiences, Vivid Colors, And Intricate Patterns. Many Users Describe Their Trips As Deeply Spiritual And Enlightening, Often Accompanied By A Sense Of Interconnectedness And A Profound Understanding Of The Self And The Universe.

A Profound Journey Of Mind And Spirit Rooted In Culture

If You’ve Asked Any Psychonauts Or Mushroom Enthusiasts About Mazatapec Mushrooms, They Will Tell You It’s A Truly Enchanting Psychedelic Journey That Can Be Both Enlightening And Introspective. Mazatapec Mushrooms Are Believed To Be A Key To Unlocking The Subconscious Mind And Facilitating Communication With The Divine. Today, These Sacred Mushrooms Continue To Captivate The Curiosity Of Those Seeking A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves And The World Around Them.

What Makes Psilo Mart’s Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Different?

First Things First, Everything Sold On Is 100% Legal & Lab Tested To Ensure It’s Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocin, 4-ACO DMT, Amanita Muscaria, Cannabinoids & Research Chemicals! Yes, That Includes The Enlightening Mazatapec Mushroom Along With All Other Psilocybe Cubensis Featured On This Online Shroom Smart Shop As Well As Our Magic Mushroom Gummies & Micro Dose Mushroom Capsules To Name A Few. You May Wonder How Is This Possible? Well, After Years Of Cultivating Fungi Species & Manipulating Their Genetic Makeup, We Have Successfully Bred A “Non-Detect” Mazatapec Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Free Of Psilocybin & Psilocin. Best Of All, Amanita Shroom USA’s Mazatapec Mushrooms Have Heightened Levels Of Other Naturally Occuring Alkaloids That Are Actually Responsible For Producing The Intense, Immersive Psychedelic Experience That Both Medical & Recreational Magic Mushroom Users Seek Out. Are You A Business Looking To Resell These Magic Mushroom Products? Click Here For Wholesale.

Spiritual Enlightenment Must Be Approached With Caution & Respect.

Psychedelic Experiences Can Be Unpredictable & Vary from Person To Person. It’s Crucial To Be In A Safe & Comfortable Environment Potentially With Trusted Individuals While Embarking On A Mushroom Journey. Beyond The Recreational Appeal, Mazatapec Mushrooms Have Shown Promising Potential In Therapeutic Settings. Research Suggests That Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy May Be Effective In Treating Conditions Such As Depression, Anxiety, Addiction & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Profound & Transformative Experiences Facilitated By These Mushrooms Can Help Individuals Gain New Perspectives, Overcome Emotional Barriers & Foster Positive Changes In Their Lives.

In Conclusion – Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Offer A Centuries Old Journey Into Mind And Spirit.

As With Any Psychedelic Substance, Responsible Use, Proper Set & Setting & Thorough Research Are Essential. The Team At Amanita Shroom USA Has Done Most Of The Heavy Lifting To Bring To Market Safe & Legal Magic Mushroom Products So Whether You Are An Experienced Psychonaut Or A Curious Explorer, The Journey With Mazatapec Mushrooms Holds The Promise Of An Enlightening & Awe-Inspiring Adventure Into The Depths Of The Mind and Spirit.

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