Dragon’s Dynamite

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With Dragon’s Dynamite Magic Truffles, you have the dragon in your hands. As soon as you chew and swallow these truffles, their potency and power will burst into your bloodstream. When it comes to effects, the actual rainbow ride is among the most well-liked products available today!

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Dragon’s Dynamite Magic Truffles

Known for their intensity, the Dragons Dynamite Magic Truffles will get you high in no time! Only experienced users should utilize this. The strongest magic truffles available, these potent tiny spheres of fungus bliss are not for the faint of heart. Expert mushroom enthusiasts highly recommend them as a first try-ender for an extended and amazing journey. An intense visual experience or hallucination, deep and profound thinking or feeling an increased sense of clarity about life, an increased sense of energy mixed with heavy lethargy (commonly known as “couch-lock” on the west coast), and feelings of unity with friends or surroundings through strange sensations like euphoria from hearing sounds differently than usual or perceiving tactile sensations without being touched are some of the characteristics of the slow onset that typically occur after 30 minutes to an hour.

Dragon’s Dynamite Magic Truffles, the most popular truffles in the stronger range perfect for those of you that are looking for a really intense profound and powerful psychedelic trip. The only sclerotia that are stronger are the mighty High Hawaiians. That is why we advice these truffles only to users that have some experience under the belt. Psilocybe Mexicana and Atlantis truffles are better suited for starters.

Buy Dragon’s Dynamite truffles

To purchase Dragon’s Dynamite truffles, the best location to get them is via Amanita Shroom USA. Great magic truffles and related things like grow kits and spores may be found in abundance at our shroomshop. We have storefronts in Holland in addition to our webshop that is available online. Since we have been operating these stores for tens of years, we have accumulated a great deal of branched experience. We assure you that we are aware of what is right. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our items or your purchase, and we will be pleased to help. Every order will be shipped out quickly and covertly.

How to Use Magic Truffles?

We have some advice that will help you enjoy the experience and protect your safety if you are new to magic psilocybe truffles. It’s best to start with a dose of fewer than 10 grams of mushrooms and wait for at least an hour before taking more to avoid ingesting too much and still feeling the affects of the first dosage. It’s crucial for each person to evaluate their own boundaries when deciding on safe dosages because every person’s body is different. Additionally, bear in mind other aspects like time since previous trip or tolerance levels that may determine how many doses can be properly eaten.

Microdose (effect threshold): 1-3 grams

Minmal trip dosing: 5-10 grams

Normal average trip dosing: 12-17 grams

Strong trip dosing: 20-25 grams

Hero trip (ultrastrong) dosing: 25-30 grams

Important! Make sure you haven’t had anything to eat for at least 2-4 hours before your magic truffle trip (can be even longer). Furthermore, any sugar-rich, high in calories drink, or hard food will diminish (or significantly lower) magic truffle psychoactive effects.

What’s inside?

Fresh magic truffles (not dried!).

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15 Grams, 20 Grams

3 reviews for Dragon’s Dynamite

  1. Ubah

    Discreet pckage

  2. Van Heyningen

    Fast and discreet.The only thing is the use by dates. One item I order runs out in 20 days, so not great. Expensive shipping.

  3. Theofilus

    Good organisation, but it’s a pity that you can’t pay with cashapp

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