Social butterfly: Tripping Tea


Seen as your ticket to an incredible experience, Social Butterfly Tripping Magic Truffle Tea is for you, bold explorers looking for a deep and hallucinogenic excursion. Accurately dosed at 12 grams, this amazing tea has the capacity to cause delusions, improve perception of the senses, and bring about profound emotional changes. Get ready for a spellbinding potion as you set out on an enthralling color transformation that begins with a calming light blue-green tone and gradually transforms into a deep, enigmatic purple tint. Your teatime will be enhanced with a sense of surprise and anticipation as you watch the enchanting display via a glass cup or teapot.

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Social Butterfly Tea: Tripping Magic Truffle Tea

Big responsibility, though, comes along with immense enchantment. We suggest drinking Social Butterfly Tripping Magic Truffle Tea in a comfortable setting, ideally with a sober guide, to guarantee a safe and delightful voyage. Take your time letting the mystical effects take effect so you may enjoy the experience to the fullest and appreciate how beautiful the sensations are as they become clear.

Its exquisite blend of lavender and hibiscus scents not only captivates the senses, but also satisfies the tongue. Your senses will be delighted with every Happy Tea sip, elevating the overall experience to a genuinely sensory delight.

With the power of Social Butterfly Tripping Magic Truffle Tea, you can be ready to spark conversations and produce unique moments at your social occasions. Through it, you and your friends can discover new perspectives and make meaningful connections, creating an environment of deep amazement and interest. Will you allow this remarkable tea to reach its full potential? As you order Social Butterfly Tripping Magic Truffle Tea, prepare yourself for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It will transport you on an unforgettable adventure.

Magic Truffle Tea Dosage

Understanding your unique dosage is a crucial part of your magic truffle tea journey:

4 grams – Starter Tea
(Social butterfly or Back to Life)
Regular consumption can provide a tipsy-like feeling, promoting creativity, focus, and emotional balance without inducing significant perception alterations.

8 grams – Euphoric Tea
(Social butterfly or Back to Life)
This dosage can elicit feelings of euphoria and mild high sensations, similar to being drunk, without triggering a full psychedelic trip. Ideal for those seeking deeper experiences without intense visuals.

12 grams – Tripping Tea
(Social butterfly or Back to Life)
At this level, expect psychedelic effects such as hallucinations. Users might experience changes in sensory perception, time perception, and emotional shifts. For safe consumption, an accompanying sober guide and a comfortable environment are recommended.

Easy Magic Truffle Tea Recipe

Preparing Magic Truffle Tea is a simple process that enhances the overall enriching experience:

1. Measure 4, 8 or 12 grams of magic truffles to make around 1 to 1,5 liter of tea.
2. Grind the truffles into a fine tiny pieces / mush.
3. Heat the water until it’s nearly boiling (avoid boiling as it can break down the truffles’ active compounds).
4. Add the truffle pieces to the hot water.
5. Let the tea steep for 10-15 minutes.
6. Strain the tea to remove any remaining truffle pieces.
7. Optionally, add honey or lemon to taste.

With Magic Truffle Tea, have a unique mental journey while honoring the process and being aware of your dosage requirements. Keep in mind that each person’s experience is unique, so start small and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a safe and fulfilling voyage.

Butterfly PEA Flower, Siberian Ginseng, 5-HTP, Rukeri White Tea, Hibiscus, Lavendel.

Use if you’re over 18. Keep out of children’s reach. Consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any other health issues. It is most definitely not advised for those with renal or heart issues, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, or those under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications. It is not a medication, this thing. If there is a broken seal, do not purchase again.

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12 Grams + Tea (Tripping)


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