Eikhaas, often known as maitake, is a renowned medicinal mushroom. Japan has been using this “King of Mushrooms” for almost 3,000 years. The fungus is one of the most well-liked superfoods at the time since it has important minerals and beta-glucans.



Among other reasons, the maitake’s superb qualities, beta-glucans, and minerals make it an essential supplement. Fit4Seasons Maitake powder is simple to use and can be dosed to suit individual preferences.For instance, include the powder into a shake.

You may also know this mushroom from the groundbreaking documentary Fantastic Fungi.

Extra information:

  • Fit4Seasons quality Maitake powder
  • 100 grams packaging
  • 75 mg beta-glucans per dose
  • Easy to dose
  • Ideal to use in shakes
  • Can also be combined with other mushroom powders


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