Fomes fomentarius, Zunderschwamm, Tinder fungus 50g


• Dry mushroom Laetiporus sulphureus
• Time of harvest: sommer 2023.
• Region of origin : Germany, Lower Saxony, Harz
• Drying temperature: 35-45 °C



Fruit bodies are perennial, sessile, rounded when young, then characteristically hoof-shaped. The fruiting body is attached to the tree trunk only by its upper central part. The stem of the mushroom is absent. Fomes fomentarius Zunderschwamm Tinder fungus 50g

The cap is large, up to 40 cm wide and 20 cm high in older mushrooms. The skin is matte, uneven, wavy, with concentric rollers, darker in depressions. Small cracks may occur on the surface. The color of the cap varies from light gray to dark gray in old mushrooms, occasionally there are light beige tones.

The flesh is dense, soft, cork-like, occasionally woody. The cut is velvety-suede. The color is brown, rich reddish-brown, less often of a nutty tint.

Hymenophore is tubular with rather large rounded pores, light in color. It darkens under pressure.

Spore powder is light, whitish in color.

Spores 14-24×5-8 µm, oblong, colorless, smooth.

There is no similarity with other species. The characteristic features of this species are the color of the cap and the attachment of the fruiting body. Unlike the false trutovik, the real trutovik is much easier to separate from the tree. This is especially noticeable if you apply force from bottom to top.


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