Cordyceps Militaris 50g


  • Dried fruiting bodies of Cordyceps Militaris.
  • Time of harvest: Autum 2023.
  • Region of origin : Germany.
  • Drying temperature: 35-40 °C.


The fungus forms mace-shaped yellow-orange fruiting bodies from two to five centimeters high, which grow from dead, buried pupae. The mace is covered with a stroma in which the fruiting bodies themselves, the perithecia, are immersed. This makes the surface look rough and punctuated. The stroma, i.e. the inner tissue of the mushroom, is whitish to pale orange in color. Buy Cordyceps Militaris 50g | Cordyceps Militaris 50g | where to buy?
The mushroom contains anti-inflammatory polysaccharides that are also effective against tumors and their metastases. The ingredient cordycepin kills bacteria. It is also believed in traditional Chinese medicine to be an aphrodisiac and to strengthen the lungs and kidneys. The mushroom is also used in Asia as a cold remedy and as a doping agent.


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