B+ Magic Mushroom Spores

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Magic B+ The greatest fungus ever discovered are mushroom spores. Regardless of your level of experience as a psychonaut, these happy-making mushrooms will provide you with all the hallucinogenic bliss you’ve been seeking. Look no further if size is a concern for you, as these Cubensis cultivars grow to be enormous!

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Magic Mushroom Spores – B+ Strain

Do you want to grow your own mushrooms? Wanna take your mycology to the next level? Get your own magic mushroom spore culture!

B+ Magic Mushroom spores produce large flushes of incredibly happy hits. Our premium magic mushroom spores are the best variety available anywhere and will consistently provide you with an incredible experience!

Are you trying to figure out which magic mushroom is ideal for you? It’s all up to personal taste, as they’re all excellent! However, if size is a priority for you…

The incredible hallucinogenic fungus B+ Magic Mushroom Spores also grows to be extremely large. What more might you ask for? Therefore, I would advise obtaining some of these B+ Magic Mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis spores if you’re searching for an entertaining and delightful way to explore your mind and have fun!

How to use magic mushroom spore ampoule?

Spores, mycelium, and magic mushrooms are not difficult to grow, but they are very sensitive to contamination by various types of bacteria. That’s why it is very important to keep everything sterile and make sure you don’t contaminate it.

  1. Wash your hands (best with antibacterial soap) and wipe the culture ampoule with a clean wet cloth (best just clean and disinfect it with alcohol swab).
  2. Clean and sterilize your workspace.
  3. Loosen the cap of culture ampoule (just a little bit, do not open it!). This will prevent the vacuum from forming inside the ampoule when you will withdraw the spore liquid.
  4. Remove the syringe from its sterile packaging. Make sure the syringe and needle do not get contaminated by any bacteria or debris.
  5. Insert the needle through the rubber seal of the ampoule and slowly fill the syringe with spore liquid.
  6. The filled syringe is now ready to be used – you can inoculate the chosen substrate.
  7. Let the culture grow in the substrate at room temperature, try to make sure there are no big shifts in a day/night temperature. Avoid any direct sunlight.
  8. In the next few days, the mycelium will be visible and magic mushrooms will start growing later on.

What’s inside?

Magic mushroom culture ampoule and syringe.

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