Amanita Pantherina Powder 25g


  • Powder of dried caps of Amanita Pantherina mushrooms
  • Mushroom season: Fall 2022
  • Region of origin: Germany, Lower Saxony
  • Drying temperature: 35-40 °C
  • Prepared from specially selected dried fly agaric caps on the day of shipment.
  • Ideal for microdosing (specially selected mushroom caps, qualitatively cleaned of sand and organic residues of forest plants, allows for maximum effectiveness. Only powder, no capsules, no plastic packaging).
  • Excellent for making decoctions and ointments.


Amanita pantherina is a mushroom of the genus Amanita of the family Amanitaceae.

Mucho pantherina grows in broadleaved, mixed and coniferous forests, often on sandy soil, from July to October.

Cap is up to 12 cm long, almost spherical, bell-shaped at first, then prostrate, with a broad tubercle in the center, usually scarred along the edge, gray-brown, olive-gray, brownish; skin is sticky, with numerous white warts arranged in concentric circles. The cap is light brownish, brownish, olive-grayish, and grayish.

The flesh is white, foul-smelling, and does not turn red on a break.

Plates to the stalk narrowed, loose, white. Spore powder is white. Spores ellipsoidal, smooth.

Stem up to 13 cm long, 0.5-1.5 cm ∅, hollow, tapering from above, tuberous at base. Ring on stalk thin, quickly disappearing, striated, white.


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